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Membership to the REACH Women's Network is open to working women (currently working or in transition) who live and/or work in Forsyth County NC, and who are committed to growing personally and professionally, closing the gender gap, investing in the advancement of women in the workplace, and reaching back to lift up other women on their professional journey.

The REACH membership application period will open in March 2024.


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Questions?  Contact us at

Please subscribe to our newsletter to keep updated about REACH opportunities. 

The REACH Women’s Network has many opportunities for members to build positive professional connections with other working women of Winston-Salem. Membership benefits include a variety of enriching and powerful programs and experiences.

Membership Benefits

access to REACH groups
Confidential, committed groups that meet regularly and serve like a personal board of directors. The program includes a curated experience guided by an external facilitator.
REACH groups.png

REACH Network members are paired up to develop new and further relationships. Conversation Partners are matched twice a year.

forging new connections

A professional development program focused on mentoring, networking, and leadership skills facilitated by Wake. Forest University's Allison
McWilliams, PhD.

sharpening and acquiring new skills

Members support and extend a welcoming hand to working women who are new to our community, with Greater Winston-Salem, Inc.

WWW + tag.png
welcoming and connecting with professional female newcomers

Panel series on timely topics; in collaboration with other women-centric organizations.

engaging and inspiring

Annual conference helping women REACH up in their careers and REACH over to each other.

an inspiring day of networking
and learning 

Members-only events that help working women meet, connect, and engage with each other.

membership meetings


Financial assistance for membership dues.

Our Commitment

Members of The REACH Women’s Network deeply value and commit to the following community values and guiding principles:


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The REACH Women’s Network was formed with a deep sense of purpose, striving to combat gender-related inequity for working women. Our membership base is diverse across various dimensions and committed to promoting equitable practices in professional networking and business spaces. Read more.


Open Communication and Confidentiality

As a member, you may be entrusted with confidential information shared by other members in person or digitally. It is essential that the REACH Women’s Network be a safe place to share, learn, and grow. As such, we hold our members to high standards of confidentiality and discretion.



Annual dues are a critical component to membership, so naturally, members are required to maintain their dues. In addition, because the Network is a member-based organization, your time and talent are also highly valued. We ask that you actively participate in events and contribute as a thought leader on a regular and consistent basis.


Model the Mission

REACH Women’s Network members model the shared mission of advancing economic development and promoting gender equity by elevating the collective voice and influence of professional women. In doing so, we aim to strengthen the vitality, creativity, productivity, and sustainability of our workplaces, our economy, and our community.

Annual Requirements

of Active Members
  1. Attend general membership meetings.

  2. Participate actively in programming.

  3. Pay your annual dues. ($250 for 2023-24)

  4. Model the mission of the organization.


Membership Scholarship

In order to increase membership access, limited need-based scholarships are available. If you are interested in being considered for a scholarship, please indicate this on your membership application.

Corporate Sponsorship

Your employer may be willing to sponsor your annual membership dues to the REACH Women’s Network as professional development. Check with your supervisor or HR department.

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