A four-part professional development program focused on mentoring, networking, and leadership skills. 
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What is Women Mentoring Women?

Women Mentoring Women is offered to REACH Members and provides a workshop curriculum to learn skills to develop beneficial mentor/mentee relationships and build leadership skills.

How does it work?

Women Mentoring Women consists of four 1.5-hour monthly sessions led by Allison McWilliams, Ph.D., Assistant Vice President of Wake Forest University Mentoring and Alumni Personal & Career Development. Session topics include: Nuts & Bolts of Mentoring, Tools & Strategies for Mentors, Building an Effective Network, and Mentor Leadership. Women Mentoring Women is offered at no cost to REACH Members.

What are the benefits of participating in Women Mentoring Women?

The program provides new opportunities for participants to learn proven skills, gain increased confidence, broaden networks, establish accountability, and empower themselves and others.

How do I become involved in Women Mentoring Women?

All members of the REACH Women’s Network of Winston-Salem are eligible to participate in Women Mentoring Women, offered at no cost, two times per year.