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What is the Gender Gap?

...the difference between the way men and women are treated in society, or between what men and women do and achieve  (Cambridge Dictionary)
...the gap between men and women across health, education,
politics, and economics
(World Economic Forum)
It's about money.

Women make far less than their male counterparts.
The inequity is even greater for women of color.

dollar-to-dollar earnings_3-4-21.png
It's about opportunity.

Even though women now outnumber men in the workplace, men are promoted faster than women, so they rise to positions of leadership faster. 

fortune500 board seats and exec officer_
men promoted faster_3-4-21.png
one to 19 CEOs_3-4-21.png
fortune500 CEOs_3-3-21.png
It's about big and small,
national and local.

Local numbers in the North Carolina Triad are even worse than national trends. And women-owned businesses face additional challenges.

triad board seats_3-4-21.png

And yet...

Companies with women in leadership are:
  • more profitable (by 15%)
  • more innovative (holding 20% more patents)
  • more respected (Fortune's most admired companies have 2x more women in leadership roles)
  • more likely to retain employees (with 22% lower employee turnover) 

We aspire to close the gender gap in order to ensure that women can earn equal pay and have the same access to career advancement opportunities as men.

REACH Women's Network Core Value

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