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June 26, 2020

The REACH Women’s Network launched in 2018 with a focus on the gender gap, specifically pay equity and advancement opportunities for women in the workplace. Because we value excellence and diversity of thought and experience, we have been intentional about equity, diversity, and inclusion through our board, our membership, and our programming.


The economic recession brought on by the current global pandemic has adversely affected women — more specifically women of color. Additionally, the overdue attention on longtime disparities and injustices faced by Black people has raised a collective voice demanding action from individuals and organizations. 


REACH Women’s Network has and will continue to infuse the below principles into our programming strategy to inspire our own introspection and contribute meaningfully to community conversations on race, particularly those where race and gender intersect. 


  1. REACH amplifies the voices of working women, including Black women, Hispanic women, and women of every ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, faith, etc. 

  2. REACH programming shares the experiences of diverse working women and advocates for advancement opportunities and other forms of recognition that underscore their value in the workplace.

  3. REACH partners with other organizations and promotes best practices that challenge the status quo regarding race and gender equity.

  4. REACH provides resources, scholarships, and mentorship in support of marginalized groups. 


The REACH Women’s Network is comprised of colleagues, mothers, partners, leaders, friends, and family. Our view of current events is first and foremost seen through those lenses. We stand in solidarity with the Black community, and we seek to partner with other organizations that are committed to tearing down systemic barriers of oppression. We welcome your thoughts in this realm as we continue our journey and mission. Please contact us by email.

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