Confidential, committed groups that meet regularly to Recognize, Encourage, Advise and Champion each other.
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What are REACH Groups?

REACH Groups is powerful program in partnership with the Wake Forest Center for Private Business. REACH Groups are composed of small groups of women from corporate, non-profit, and entrepreneurial organizations. They help participants garner powerful and deep connections through conversations about professional and personal opportunities and challenges amongst a confidential, supportive group of other professional women.

How does it work?

Small groups of eight REACH members, at similar career stages, are placed artfully together to participate in a long-standing and proven program model developed by the Wake Forest Center for Private Business, called the Business Leader Forum. REACH Groups receive facilitator, confidentiality, and communication training from the Wake Forest Center of Private Business.

What are the benefits of participating in a REACH Group?

REACH Groups, sometimes referred to as “your own personal board of directors,” are designed to create trust and a safe space for important career and personal development conversations. REACH Women’s Network is a member of the Wake Forest Center for Private Business, so REACH Group members also have unique access to Forum-related programming which includes speakers, workshops, and an annual Forum Summit. REACH Groups generally meet for one day once per month, and often stay together for years.

How do I become involved in a REACH Group?

REACH Groups will be offered to Network members twice per year. Members can apply to the program, and there is a selection process to match applicants to the right group. The cost of participating is a one-time fee of $1,000, which covers facilitation of the launch, training, and materials. Many companies will cover the cost given the leadership and development value to participants.